Wood, sculptures
Paper, parchment
Stone, ceramics
Leather, bones

The recommended relative humidity by material

There is no general optimum air humidity that applies to all materials of exhibits. Depending on which material is the focus of an exhibition, a different humidity level is ideal. For particularly sensitive paintings such as wood and ceramics, a relative humidity of about 50% is a good average value. Particularly in larger museums, exhibits made of different materials are housed in different rooms, each of which is served with specially conditioned supply air by independent air conditioning systems. Here, room-specific adjustment of the air condition is easy to implement and also recommended.

Condair quality

Our customized systems offer professional solutions for air humidification and dehumidification for the size and conditions of each individual room.

Because professional planning is the basis for functional quality and energy efficiency, we are happy to assist you right from the planning phase.

Feel-good climate for mummies Air conditioning and humidification technology in the Gustav-Lübcke Museum, Hamm

Gustav Luebcke Museum