Gorch Fock

Gorch Fock

The German Navy’s famous sail training ship was built by the traditional Hamburg shipyard Blohm & Voss, with her keel laid on August 23, 1958. Her name derives from a North-German writer who is known for his novels about seafaring and who died at the Battle of Jutland, the largest naval battle of World War I. To date, the Gorch Fock has traveled more than 740,000 nautical miles, docked at 439 harbors and visited 60 sovereign territories in all continents.

She participates in numerous international regattas as a floating ambassador for Germany and, before the introduction of the Euro in 1999, was represented on the reverse of the ten Deutsche Mark note. The Gorch Fock is manned by a skeleton crew of 69 sailors (maximum 222 sailors) and has a main mast that towers 45.3 meters above the waterline, 23 sails with a total of 1,952 square meters of sail surface area and the Condair OptiSorp multiple steam distribution system.


Multiple steam distribution system

Condair Optisorp

Short humidification distances are decisive factors for reliable and hygienic steam humidification. In air conditioning systems there must be no vapor in air pipe installations. Damp surfaces, corrosion and hygienic risks would be the consequence.

With the Condair OptiSorp steam distribution system the humidification distances can be reduced significantly compared to conventional distribution systems. It allows steam injection even in difficult installation conditions
and even then guarantees optimal distribution and the best moisture absorption.

Further information on the Condair Optisorp

Reduction of the humidification distance

The structural design of the distribution system allows for precise and homogeneous steam discharge over the entire cross-section surface.
Humidity layering that happens over the flow cross-section is effectively counteracted.
The injected steam is quickly and evenly absorbed by the air current.

Humidification distance

Condensate-free steam with
patented center-flow nozzles

The patented steam nozzles remove steam only from the main flow of the distribution pipes where the steam is hot and condensate-free.
In this manner they ensure that the air hoses behind the distribution system remain dry. Made of solid stainless steel,
they work reliably, are long-lasting and resistant to aging, and do not leak. Core flow nozzle

PDF / Brochure: Condair Optisorp